Natural Citronellol from Java Citronella Oil

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Prized for its rosy, sweet, citrusy, light floral, reminisce of rose and geranium, citronellol is staple in fragrance industry, where it is used in the creation of fragrances. Its refreshing floral scent is known for its ability to mask unpleasant odor in fragrances formulation. Widely used in rose, aldehydic, floral-citrus, to fruity types of fragrances, citronellol adds freshness and long lasting effect. In addition to its use in fragrances, citronellol is also employed in flavouring agents for food and beverages, although its use in this capacity is more limited compared to its role in perfumery.

Citronellol itself found naturally in essential oils of roses, geraniums, and citronella. Citronella oil, specifically Java Citronella essential oil, is one of the most efficient source for natural citronellol. Harvested from the leaves, the essential oil of Java Citronella can yield up to 20% of natural citronellol content.

Apart from the signature strong rosy scent, natural Citronellol from Java Citronella oil typically has fresh, light-green, and bold citrus aroma compared to natural citronellol from other sources, making this a unique signature ingredient to add brightness to the fragrance creation.

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Using advanced technology and carefully selected Java Citronella sources, Indesso offers Natural Citronellol with varying range of purity, to fit your creation needs. We also offer sustainable sourcing program on Java Citronella and its derivatives product to support your company sustainable initiatives measures.

Contact us to know more about our  Natural Citronellol (EU Natural & US Natural), and other Java Citronella derivatives at [email protected] or experience it yourself at WPC, Palexpo, 25-27 June 2024, Booth 508. 


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