Comparison of Thyme Varieties from Different Geographical Origins

Thyme Varieties From Different Geographical Origins

The aroma profiles of various herbs, spices, and other natural products are imperative in the flavor, food, and fragrance industries. Understanding the chemical profiles of these products is crucial in identifying how these chemicals may impact their aroma. Identifying the chemical compounds of Thyme and its origins allows businesses to respond quickly to consumer and market demands, leading to more efficient problem-solving and better outcomes.

In this study, the Pegasus BTX GC-TOFMS system and ChromaTOF Sync were utilized to assess and contrast dried thyme samples. Comprehensive non-target data, acquired with a full mass range and heightened sensitivity, was gathered, enabling efficient deconvolution and comprehensive coverage of analyte detection within these intricate samples. ChromaTOF Sync the statistical alignment and differentiation of analytes across the sample set, streamlining the comparison and interpretation process. Numerous unique analytes with captivating aroma profiles were identified in each thyme sample, and the alignment process allowed a fast and efficient highlighting of distinguishing chemicals between the four thyme origins to be performed.        


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