Thixogum G Named Best Clean Label Beverage Stabilizer


The World Beverage Innovation Awards 2019 awarded Nexira’s Thixogum G the title of best clean label beverage stabilizer. The award-winning ingredient was hailed by judges as “a much needed innovation for the quickly expanding plant-based sector” and “an all-around solution for the beverage sector.”

Thixogum G is a colorless and tasteless alternative to traditional emulsifiers and stabilizers made of a blend of a natural emulsifier, acacia gum, and a natural stabilizer, gellan. This blend ensures plant-based beverages are successfully developed while fulfilling consumers’ desire for clean label ingredients.  

Plant-based replacements face many challenges with regard to taste, texture, and stability. Thixogum G contains suspensoïd properties which allow it to have a minimal effect on viscosity while stabilizing insoluble ingredients.

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