FEMA Announces Nominations for Excellence in Flavor Science Award


The Flavor and Extract Manufacturers Asssociation's (FEMA) Excellence in Flavor Science Award has opened nomination until June 12. The nominee must be an individual that shows dedication to flavor science with original work and peer-reviewed journals that focus on flavor chemistry, biochemistry, molecular chemistry, biochemistry, molecular biology, physiology or biotechnology.

The nominee must also work towards the advancement of flavor science and must have high standards for excellence and distinction in the industry. Individuals do not have to work for FEMA, but they must have a basic understanding of chemistry, biology or physiology of a flavor formation, food systems, and/or analytical methodology in flavor chemistry.

And the Winner is...

The selection committee who is appointed by the board of governors, will recommend a finalist to the board for approval. The ideal candidate for the award must be a globally recognized researcher in academia or the industry, have a consistent track record in original work and receive recognition from peers as a leader.

The winner will be presented the award at the FEMA Fall Symposium in October 23-25, 2017 and will be reimbursed for travel and accommodations. The winner will also receive an honorarium and a gift from FEMA.

FEMA members can cast their vote here.

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