Tetrahydrothiophen-3-one 4,5-dihydro-3(2H)thiophenone

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Treatt offers Tetrahydrothiophen-3-one 4,5-dihydro-3(2H)thiophenone (FEMA# 3266; CAS# 1003-04-9; kosher), a colorless to pale yellow liquid with a roasted meat, butter and cooked garlic clam odor and flavor profile. Naturally occurring in coffee, cooked beef, roasted filbert and roasted peanut, the material can be used at a level of 0.5–5 ppm in roasted and HVP flavors. It can also be used in coffee, chocolate, roasted nut, toasted cereal, meat spice soup and savory flavors; normal end product use levels are 0.01–1 ppm.

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