Ocean Spray Debuts 'Better For You' Beverage Line

A woman drinks Diet Cranberry Juice Cocktail in preparation to fight off a clown.
A woman drinks Diet Cranberry Juice Cocktail in preparation to fight off a clown.
Ocean Spray

A recent report predicted the global functional beverages market size is expected to grow from $224.99 billion in 2027 at a CAGR of 11.1%. Companies are beginning to invest in reformulating product lines or adding to current selections in order to accommodate this growing consumer demand. One of which is Ocean Spray's recently launched "Better For You" beverage line with drinks designed to help supplement drinkers' dietary preferences.

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The Massachusetts-based company launched an ad campaign focusing on these products that relies on one simple confidence-boosting slogan: "Yes You Cran!" 

Among the Better For You juice products promoted in Ocean Spray's latest ad campaign are its Diet Cranberry Juice Cocktail and the new Immunity Orange Mango and Revitalize Cranberry Pineapple drinks. The Diet Cranberry Juice Cocktail beverage contains 5 calories and 1g of sugar and is made with real fruit juice. The Immunity Orange Mango and Revitalize Cranberry Pineapple drinks contain real fruit juice but leave out artificial sweeteners and sugar to swap in Vitamin C, Vitamin E, and Zinc.  

The accompanying commercial spots crafted around these beverages are comedy-driven, but purpose-built to inspire confidence or "cranfidence" in viewers, the product of a collaboration between Low and Orchard following their work on the Ocean Spray Holiday ad campaign that Ad Age and Adweek's top ads of 2022.

“Our new Better For You creative launches at a time when New Years’ resolutions can bring a lot of self-doubt, and we hope to give consumers confidence to believe in themselves," said Trinh Le, Ocean Spray VP, Next Gen Beverages. "We want to drive home that they can enjoy delicious taste and flavor while also limiting sugar and calories."

“We are also dedicated to product innovations that meet the needs and desires of consumers who are seeking more out of their juice drinks," she added.

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