Raw Material of the Week: Matcha Tea Treattarome

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Matcha tea

Treatt has launched Matcha Tea Treattarome* (CAS# 68916‐73‐4), which is a tea essence capturing the characteristics of freshly brewed Matcha tea. This material is wholly distilled from Matcha tea powder and imparts an authentic freshly brewed Matcha tea flavor to tea beverages with a lasting after taste.

It delivers the same strength of ‘umami’ taste and body without the tea powder. This ingredient works best in RTD applications and is ideal in juices, iced teas, soft drinks, smoothies and flavored waters. Its suggested dosage is from 0.3% when used as a sole tea flavor ingredient in RTD tea products.

Tea and Matcha Disclosed

Tea flavor trends are mainly led by millennials and health-conscious consumers as tea contains few calories and full of antioxidants. Tea has benefitted the RTD refrigerated tea sales to increase 9.2% and reach over $1 billion in 2016.

Originating from Japan, Matcha is used in a variety of foods and beverages. This ground tea holds a sweet and slightly astringent flavor. Considered a superfood, matcha contains high levels of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals.

*Matcha Tea Treattarome is a registered trademark of Treatt.

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