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Organoleptic Characteristics of Flavor Materials: September 2016

This month's column features organoleptic discussions of white china tea distillate, mushroom distillate, rose distillate organic, boronia absolute Tasmanian and more.

Endpoint: A Discussion on Natural

What are “natural flavors?” Honey, maple, cocoa, lemon and mint come to mind. But what are they, fundamentally?

Upping Fragrance Intensity via Cyclodextrins*

Expert noses and headspace/SPME-GC confirm effects

Plant-Based Bacon Flavor? Industry-Tested, Vegan-Approved

Bacon flavor from a plant? The Missoula, Montana-based biomass company introduces the versatile bacon dithiazine from, you guessed it, recycled waste.

Evolva Talks GMO Labeling Law and What's Needed Next

Following the landmark U.S. decision to enact a law that creates a national standard for labeling food products that contain genetically modified ingredients, Evolva has issued a statement saying it supports the change.

Five Adventurous Flavor Trends

Spicy, sour and sweet flavor combinations inspired by African, Middle Eastern and Asian ingredients.

Patent Pick: RTD Bubble Tea

Coca-Cola is bubbling with excitement in this new patent application, aimed at a new invention for shelf-stable, ready-to-drink bubble teas.

Patent Pick: A Nutty Brew

People Food recently featured three hacks to get every last smudge of peanut butter from the jar. The inventor on this patent application has a different nutty idea: brewing peanut powder for a hot drink.

Patent Pick: Pet Food Flavor Additives

Nearly 70 million dogs are the pet of choice in the United States; this is surpassed by 74 million pet cats. What does this have to do with F&F? Think: pet food flavor and nutrition additives.

Tamara Steele to be Honored at 2016 WFFC Annual Gala

The senior vice president of US Prestige Beauty Group at Elizabeth Arden will be honored at the 34th WFFC annual gala on November 3, 2016.

FDA Issues Final Rule on GRAS

In a step to strengthen its oversight of food ingredients, the FDA has issued a final rule detailing the criteria for deeming that the use of a substance in human or animal food is generally recognized as safe.

Morre-Tec Announces New Chief Operating Officer

William J. Ludlum is promoted to chief operating officer for the New Jersey-based specialty chemical company.

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