Flavorcon 2022 is Two Months Away!

Experience, smell and savor the last innovations the industry has to offer at Flavorcon 2022!
Experience, smell and savor the last innovations the industry has to offer at Flavorcon 2022!

Just 58 days until the return of Flavorcon! Are you ready? Don't miss out on the growing list of exhibitors showcasing the last ingredients, technology and innovation the flavor industry has to offer. Want to exhibit? Contact Paige Crist ([email protected]) for details.

>>>Early bird tickets are now available.<<<

The clock is ticking to snag your early bird tickets for the return of Flavorcon! Scheduled for November 9-10 in Cincinnati, OH, flavor experts will assemble from around the world to discover the latest insights from industry professionals. 

FMCG professionals, flavor chemists, food scientists, purchasers and allied formulation/creation specialists pay only $895 for their early bird tickets. Early bird rates end on October 15, elevating prices to $1,200. For all pricing, visit flavorcon.com.

Take a look at some of the announced sessions scheduled to take the main stage:

Reformulation Strategies to Replace Unavailable Raw Materials

Marie & John Wright Tackle Naturals at Flavorcon 2022

Taste Optimization in Plant-Based Food and Beverages

Flavorcon 2022 Session Spotlight

P&F+ Columnist Takes the Stage at Flavorcon 2022

Sensapure x Onnit Labs Talk Challenges of Flavoring Nutrition & Supplements

Graeter's Ice Cream Discusses Flavor Development at Flavorcon 2022

The Evolving Regulatory Landscape of Cannabis Regulations

Get a Taste of the Pros & Cons of Using Flavor in Beer at Flavorcon 2022

Flavorcon 2022 Tackles Bitter Suppression

Monell Takes The Flavorcon 2022 Stage

More details to come on the speaker in the weeks to come. Be sure to get your tickets for the full conference ASAP to receive the best rates! Visit www.flavorcon.com today.

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