Olfactory Art Keller Hosts Portraits in Scent

Irina Adam’s Scentless Apprentice: Kurt Cobain at MTV unplugged.
Irina Adam’s Scentless Apprentice: Kurt Cobain at MTV unplugged.
C/O Olfactory Art Keller

At Olfactory Art Keller in New York, Portraits in Scent, an exhibit of art and scent, will close Thursday, October 15.

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Portraits in Scent features subjects who are public figures, fictional characters, self-portraits and intimate portraits of artists' friends and family:

  • Liz Wendelbo (Xeno)'s "Daphne Oram" portrays the 20th-century synthesizer inventor and thinker through a scent inspired by her hair, ink, celluloid, palm trees and electricity.
  • Hannah Marcus' "Sad Cypress, No Flowers (a portrait of Ugo Schiff)" is a death portrait of chemist Ugo Schiff, prepared in consideration of his wishes.
  • George Tedder's "A Shropshire Lad" portrays the melancholic young man from A. E. Housman's eponymous poem with a simple, lugubrious scent.
  • Anna Novakov's "Healing Agent (a portrait of the artist's great-grandmother" depicts the artist's ancestor, a healer working with plants in a village outside of Novi Sad, Serbia.
  • Irina Adam's "Scentless Apprentice: Kurt Cobain at MTV unplugged" portraits the late singer at one of the most iconic moments of the 1990s, playing guitar, smoking Winston Lights, wearing a mohair sweater.
  • Sally Boon Matthews' "King Harold Slain by an Arrow to the Eye" olfactorily recreates the moment of the last crowned Anglo-Saxon English king's death at the Battle of Hastings in 1066.
  • Naoko Kusunoki's "Andy Warhol" sketches the pop artist who appreciated perfumes as a way to take up more space.
  • At the core of Aliaksandra Basalayeva's "Neil deGrasse Tyson" is the juxtaposition of the chill and cold of the unknown and the familiar comfort of understanding.
  • Bee Sampson's "Agnes Sampson" is inspired by the 16th-century Scottish midwife and healer who was burnt at the stake for crafting a charm using a toad to make King James VI infertile.
  • Alexis Karl and Maria McElroy's "Lillith" is named for Sheila Eggenberger’s character of Lillith, the mother of all demons, in her novel Quantum Demonology.
  • R.B. Wren's "My Mother, Tiremaker" is an olfactory homage to the artist's mother who worked in a rubber factory.
  • Victor Bartash's "Freedom Isn't Free (portrait of Britney Spears)" reimagines Britney’s first perfume "Curious" (by Claude Dir) into a more modern, self-actualized scent in reflection of the icon that Britney is today.
  • Killian Wells' "Here’s Johnny!" is a scent portrait of Jack Torrance (as portrayed by Jack Nicholson) from Stanley Kubrick's film "The Shining".
  • Chibi Lai's "C. Burchfield" is a portrait of the artist's best friend and love.
  • Ricardo Ramos' olfactory sculpture "Realness (a portrait of Elektra/Dominique Jackson)" portrays the representative facets of the fictional character Elektra Abundance from the TV series "Pose" as performed by actress Dominique Jackson.
  • Donna Lipowitz's "Green Cicada (a self-portrait)" portrays the artist at age 5, in the forest, wearing a green dress.
  • Eva Petric's "Ophelia (a self-portrait)" represents the artist's younger alter ego, jumping into all waters; lonely, troubled, hungry and sated.
  • Eva Silberknoll's "Purple Pink and Blue (a self-portrait)" is the artist's fragrance self, presented together with its two contradictory yet complementary phenomenal selves.
  • Janine Hagal's "April 10th, 1983 12:00 pm EST, Jersey City, NJ (40N44 74W05) (a self-portrait)" is the artist's natal chart scent, based on the planetary placements of the moment of her birth.

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