Top 5 Fragrance Headlines of May 2024

Take a look at 8 trends in women’s fragrance, consumer trends in western Europe, RIFM's Ingredient Database and more!
Take a look at 8 trends in women’s fragrance, consumer trends in western Europe, RIFM's Ingredient Database and more!
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We wanted to take a look back at which fragrance headlines were trending throughout May 2024. Here are the top 5 headlines spanning from global consumer trends to industry memorabilia to ingredient database updates.

1. 8 Trends in Women’s Fragrance Market According to A Perfumer

dsm-firmenich perfumer Clement Gavarry recently worked with lifestyle brand, Vince Camuto, to develop its newest women's fragrance Wonderbloom.

Wonderbloom, inspired by a modern interpretation of an enchanted garden, is a blend of blooming florals and refreshing fruits with a splash of creamy almond milk for the girls who vibrate with energy and know exactly what they want.

Topped with a dramatic, oversized flower cap symbolizing living large, Wonderbloom's whimsical glass bottle is finished with an elegant light blush hue emerging from the base.

Perfumer & Flavorist+ contacted Clement Gavarry about Wonderbloom and recent trends in the women's fragrance sector.

2. Explore the Manheimer Family Collection at the New York Botanical Garden Library

In early April 2024, managing editor Jenna Troyli received an email from F&F industry legend Stephen Manheimer, sharing that he was open to sharing an incredible document from 1890, which he has stored from the predecessors of his family business, Leo Bernard & Co., represented Haarmann & Reimer for the sale of their new invention vanillin, as sole agents for USA and Canada (see below). Little did she know, this document was just the tip of the iceberg of Manheimer's stash from the past.

Read more from the interview by visiting the link above!

3. RIFM Hosting Overview of Fragrance Ingredient Database

The RIFM Database has more than 80,000 references that include approximately 200,000 human health and environmental studies.

Christen Sachse-Vasquez, director, of technical information and services, said, "The science supporting the ongoing safe use of fragrance ingredients begins with the RIFM Database. This event will provide fragrance safety stakeholders curious about access and/or membership as well as longtime RIFM Members an opportunity to discover the full power of the Database and meet and interact with the dedicated, knowledgeable staff who ensure it reflects the most current information that ultimately informs RIFM’s safety evaluations.”

4. Unlocking Fragrance Consumer Trends in Western Europe

Aishwarya Rajpara, Senior Research Analyst, Euromonitor pens an article that proves to be a deep dive into consumer preferences in fragrance purchases highlighting notable distinctions in how men and women prioritize specific functional details. 

"Based on the Euromonitor Voice of the Consumer: Beauty Survey, fielded June to July 2023, male consumers in countries including Germany, France, the UK, Spain, and Italy ranked expensive feel, longevity, then mood-enhancing as top fragrance functional features. Female consumers, on the other hand, placed higher priority on unique combination notes, and expensive feel, then longevity.     

Demand for unique or customized fragrances is increasing, especially from young consumers, as fragrance is becoming a way to express individuality or be recognized in the crowd. Industry players are recognising this trend with new product developments. For instance, Estée Lauder Cos Inc. is working with AI technology to offer personalized fragrance recommendations based on an individual’s neurological reactions. In the near future, it is expected that consumers will look for ways to build a stronger and unique scent, and layering is just one way to achieve this."

View the full article by visiting the link above!

5. Cosmo International Unveils C3 Fragrance Accelerator Division in New York City

Cosmo International Fragrances has launched an Ideation Space in New York City for its C3 Fragrance Accelerator.

C3 by Cosmo International Fragrances was built on the principles of Consumer Intelligence, Creative Olfactive Profiles, and Ready-to-Go Concepts to fulfill the rapidly changing needs of brands, brand founders and consumers. 

The Ideation Space is said to reflect its commitment to delivering speed, innovation, and 360° industry know-how while fostering a collaborative relationship and dynamic process with its clients. 

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