Vince Camuto Launches Divina Vince Camuto


Vince Camuto has announced the launch of its newest women’s fragrance, Divina Vince Camuto.

The fragrance opens with top notes of pamplemousse and tangy, aromatic blackcurrent; followed by mid-notes of violet leaves, mimosa blossom and sunflowers. Base notes consist of heliotrope, sandalwood and musk. The packaging features a clear glass bottle topped with the signature cap of Vince Camuto Women’s Fragrance Collection.

The scent was crafted by Givaudan perfumer Caroline Sabas. “With Divina Vince Camuto, I wanted to create a fragrance with a lot of energy and happiness,” she said. “Sunflowers and mimosa blossoms both give me those feelings and inspire moments of carefree femininity. I remember my house in France filled with mimosa when I was a little girl, and that scent always gave me pure joy... the warmth made me feel so alive.”

Divina Vince Camuto is available in a 3.4 oz eau de parfum spray ($90) and can be found at Macy’s, among other retailers.

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