Recognizing Global Fragrance and Perfumery at the 13th SIMPPAR

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  • Incoming SFP president, Veronique Dupont (left) and current president, Sylvie Jourdet.
  • Sylvie Jourdet greets 400 attendees at the cocktail reception on the 14th.
  • Olivier Cresp, master Perfumer at Firmenich (left) and Dubreuil Ruquet Marielle, chairperson of the SFP Award Commission, presented Steve Guo, perfumer, Robertet (center), with the International Perfumer's Prize for his Chypre 24 perfume.

Photo credit: Philippe Massé.

The 13th International Exhibition of Raw Materials for Perfumery (SIMPPAR) was held June 14-15, 2017 at the Espace Champerret in Paris, France. The event, which is held every odd year and alternates with the World Perfumery Congress, brings together perfumers and raw material producers from all over the world.

The event hosted 71 exhibitors (versus 50 in 2014), 42 of which were essential oil suppliers, 21 were synthetic product suppliers, and five were packaging service providers.

An Homage to Chypre

For the 60th anniversary of the International Perfumer’s Prize, which was titled “The Sixties modernized, a new look at chypre,” the Society of French Perfumers (SFP) received 77 submissions. The theme was inspired by René Cornon’s green chypre fragrance, which won the prize in 1957. The theme also paid homage to the legendary Chypre fragrance and accord by François Coty which was created a century ago.

The Society of French Perfumers awarded Steve Guo, perfumer, Robertet, for his perfume, Chypre 24. The panel was chaired by Olivier Cresp, master perfumer, Firmenich. The perfume is characterized by its mandarin and bergamot head notes; jasmine, rose and violet heart notes; and bottom notes of patchouli, iris and sandalwood. Guo received the award during the cocktail party on the 14th.

A Change of Guards

During the cocktail reception, Sylvie Jourdet, current president of the SFP, announced Veronique Dupont as the incoming president of the association. Jourdet has served two terms and will continue serving as an active member in the organization.

As the incoming president, Dupont plans to expand SFP membership through events such as SIMPPAR, and strengthen the relationship between other international perfumer associations (United States, England, Germany, India, China and Japan).