Take a Bite Out of Scent: Gourmand Trends are Here to Stay

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In celebration of the United States' national pecan month in April, Naila Hamayed, creative fragrance director at Givaudan shared her insight on gourmand scents in the fragrance industry.

Perfumer & Flavorist: Are you seeing gourmand fragrances currently trending?

Naila Hamayed: It’s not a trend anymore, it’s a must, something that is here to last. It is part of most feminine fragrances.

P&F: Why are people interested in gourmand scents?

NH: Because of its regressive, reassuring and mouthwatering aspects with an immediate happiness feeling. A significant part of fragrance users have been raised with a culture of gourmand tastes and references.

P&F: What are the most popular types of gourmand scents or fragrances?

NH: We can’t generalize. Popularity depends on each country culture, what is considered “gourmand” for an American is totally different than for the French.

"A significant part of fragrance users have been raised with a culture of gourmand tastes and references."

P&F: Do you find people from certain regions or locations more interested in this trend?

NH: France and USA are fully into this trend. This is why regions like Asia at this moment are less comfortable with gourmand fragrances because the olfactive references are not the same.

P&F: Are gourmand fragrances popular year-round or do you see the trends based on a certain season?

NH: No, we have not identified seasonality for gourmand fragrances, they are always attractive!

P&F: Do you think gourmand fragrances will grow in popularity in the future?

NH: It’s an olfactive family that is constantly expanding, adapting, evolving and that is always reinventing itself with new accords.

P&F: Does Givaudan work with many gourmand scents or fragrances?

NH: Of course, we are here to create beautiful fragrances to delight consumers. It involves gourmand fragrances, but not only!

P&F: Do you have a gourmand fragrance favorite?

NH: Yes, Angel, which was created by Quest International (which was later bought by Givaudan) in 1992 and that defined the start of gourmand fragrances in the industry. It is according to me a masterpiece with achieved to create an olfactive “rupture.” Twenty years later, I am still as moved by its silage, signature and audacity.