200 Products, 169 Ingredients Detailed on SC Johnson Site

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SC Johnson (Racine, Wisconsin) has posted ingredient details for 200 products, including 129 air care products and 76 home cleaning products, on its previously announced What's Inside Web site. In all, 169 ingredients are included. By January 2012 the site will include fragrance and preservative ingredients.

"Today's families want to know what's in the products they use in their homes," said chairman and CEO Fisk Johnson. "Transparency doesn't mean cherry-picking which things to share and which things to hide. It means opening the door and letting people see what you're made of. We have already included in our ingredient communications the dyes we use in products, and we're committed to communicating the fragrance ingredients and preservatives as well."

In an interview earlier this year, the Sierra Club's Tom Neltner brought an NGO perspective to Johnson's unilateral disclosure program. “We’ve seen SC Johnson talk about identifying the fragrance chemicals [in their products],” he said. “Their approach is to point to a list. I think that’s got some merits. It’s also got some problems. Let’s see how that looks, if that meets the consumer’s demand.”

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