SC Johnson Reveals Specific Fragrance Ingredients in Glade

As part of industry efforts when it comes to ingredient transparency, SC Johnson has become the first major consumer products goods company to disclose product-specific fragrances to consumers for its Glade air care products.

Last year, the company shared a list of fragrance ingredients eliminated from its U.S. and Canadian fragrance palette. Reckitt Benckiser and Clorox announced similar fragrance ingredient disclosure moves.

Product-specific fragrance information is available on, the company’s ingredient disclosure website, or by calling 800-558-5252.

Consumers can access fragrance ingredients present at the highest concentrations down to .09 percent of the product formula, or the top 10 ingredients when there are at least 20 ingredients, whichever provides the most information. On the site, detailed fragrance information can be accessed by clicking on the word “fragrance” in the list of product ingredients.





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