SC Johnson Updates Its Fragrance Palette Disclosure

SC Johnson will share a list of fragrance ingredients eliminated from its US and Canadian fragrance palette, according to the company. The company previously committed to removing certain materials from its fragrance palette.

Recently, Reckitt Benckiser and Clorox announced similar fragrance ingredient disclosure moves.

Detailed in the company's sustainability report, SC Johnson has developed two lists: "our 0-rated materials list, which is part of the SC Johnson Greenlist process and identifies ingredients that should not be used in new products, and our Exclusive Fragrance Palette, which identifies the subset of fragrance materials that are currently approved for use."

The company notes: "[O]ur U.S. and Canada Exclusive Fragrance Palette focuses on the subset of fragrance ingredients we DO allow in the fragrances for our products. It is published externally and is designed to be a reference for consumers."

Examples of fragrance materials prohibited from the palette are posted in SC Johnson's sustainability report.



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