Etat Libre d’Orange’s Latest Smells Like Trash

Photo provided by Etat Libre d’Orange
Photo provided by Etat Libre d’Orange

Luxury French fragrance brand, État Libre d’Orange and PR agency, Ogilvy Paris, have announced the release of its I am Trash, Les fleurs du Dechet perfume.   

Inspired by creating a fragrance that reuses the waste created from other perfumes, État Libre d’Orange worked with Givaudan’s R&D department to create a perfume with its upcycled materials. The fragrance includes top notes of bitter orange, apple essence, Guatemalan lemongrass and green tangerine; heart notes of rose absolute, Iso E super and Gariguette strawberry; and base notes of cedarwood atlas, sandalore and akigalwood.

"Trash is normally not regarded as beautiful but with I am Trash, Les fleurs du Déchêt, beauty is found in waste. Taking the old and reinventing it to be new again. In a different form. A thing of beauty," said Etienne De Swardt, founder and CEO at État Libre d’Orange. 

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