Miami Fragrance Company Offers Airlift Delivery

Benigna is offering exclusive helicopter tours to customers who choose their airlift delivery services.
Benigna is offering exclusive helicopter tours to customers who choose their airlift delivery services.
Benigna Parfums

Benigna Parfums has announced a promotional offer involving exclusive guided helicopter tours through the skies over Miami for those who purchase any of its products. 

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The first 20 customers will be provided a free, luxury helicopter tour of Miami and Miami Beach.

During the trip, the following fragrances will be released throughout the helicopter:

  • Absolute Celebration, with bright, fruity and floral notes.

  • Premier Amour,with notes of lush white tuberose, heliotrope, bergamot, tonka bean, clove, and rare woods.

  • Escape Velocity, with notes of white rose, bergamot, heliotrope, and resinous woods.

The company also offers an airlift delivery service of its signature perfumes to customers who choose this service.  

Benigna Ajuogu, the creative director of the brand, said, "Benigna Parfums takes customers on a journey through time and memory, using the magic of olfactory sense. But now, we're going to take some of our customers on a very real, physical journal. Imagine fresh, floral scents driven by creativity and resourcefulness cloaking you in a delicate blanket of scent. Nestled safely inside a helicopter, you sail through the air while the zesty hint of bergamot and lemon gently takes the edge off your nerves. Your anticipation grows, as you sail through the skies, experiencing all that Miami has to offer. Flying past the world-famous South Beach before a delicate hint of vanilla and sandalwood enhances your senses, as the helicopter reaches the tranquility of Virginia Key and Key Biscayne. And there, at the southernmost tip, Cape Florida State Park is nestled like a precious gem. The Magic City opens up like a fresh, enchanting flower with Downtown Miami's skyline on one side and South Beach on the other—enticing you with secrets untold. There is no better way to see and experience the Gold Coast."

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