The Designer Image—lnternationai Fragrance Style

The general area of “Fragrance Moods and Lifestyles" is certainly an area of interest to us at Avon and, of course, to all in this industry. As I thought further about that subject, I realized that probably the most innovative work that we have done recently to create new moods and reflect the new lifestyles is in the area of Avon’s designer fragrances. Therefore, it seemed logical for me to try to give you some further understanding of why we felt designer fragrances were right for us, and how we went about conceptualizing, creating and executing what have become two major brands for us, under Louis Feraud banner, “Fantasque” and “Fer de Feraud.”


After a good deal of discussion, we decided to ally our creative expertise with that of Louis Feraud. From the outset, there was enthusiasm on both sides. Avon felt that Feraud projects the image of fashion and high quality, but even more important, good taste and style. In his attitude towards women, M. Feraud reflects Avon’s “naturalness with style.“ Feraud’s thoughts and attitudes were quite directly in consonance with Avon—and Louis himself has been quite outspoken and positive in his regard for Avon.

As we started to work on the fragrance itself, we realized that one of our primary needs would be that we create a fragrance which would be recognized through Europe, throughout the United States and in other of the Avon worldwide markets as being a statement of high quality and unique beauty. In Japan, Fantasque has become a major success. Fantasque has also just been launched, extremely successfully, in the Saudi Arabian market.

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