Fragrances With Real Impact

The roles of “liking” and fragrance impact on consumers’ preferences at the critical moment when a woman chooses a fragrance are herein revealed. The method used was conjoint analysis, comprising actual fragrances, themes and communications. The study was executed on the Internet with 280 to 300 respondents in both France and the United States, respectively. The data show that consumers’ usage preferences differ by consumption habits and that consumers can identify the degree of fit of a fragrance with specific usage occasions. This article will show the differences in “span of fit” among nine fragrances, and how consumers rate them. The article will also show the role of usage occasions and fragrances as they impact the fit of the fragrances.

Development and selection of fragrances for fast-moving consumer goods — whether for emotional or practical products — involves quite a few disciplines. Related job descriptions span a range of skills from perfumery, evaluation, marketing, category management and key account management on the ingredient supplier’s side, to R&D, product management, market research, advertising and concept development on the manufacturer’s side. However, in many cases, the individuals responsible for product and fragrance development — among them perfumers/evaluators — are unfortunately left with too little actionable guidance from researchers responsible for identifying consumer preferences.

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