Design and Creation of a Successful Major Fragrance

This discussion of the design and creation of successful major fragrances will deal with the subject from the standpoint of fragrance planning and evaluation by a major marketer. I see this as a creative process, not as a science, but as an art--an artistic process which should have as its end not only a work of beauty, but a fine product which will make a major contribution to the profit picture of its marketer.

Even before we get to the actual subject of fragrance creation, however, certain questions come to mind.

For instance: “Why market yet another new fragrance?”

Some responses occur immediately: First, to meet the changing needs and moods of an ever-changing consumer. Second, to add excitement and newness to the fragrance marketplace. Third, to answer an existing consumer need which is not currently being met by any other fragrance. Fourth, to increase the marketer’s share of the total fragrance market.

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