StarSign Scents Creates a Perfume for Each Zodiac Sign

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  • StarSign Scents has introduced 12 fragrances: one for each astrological sign. The perfumes are blended with the strengths and weaknesses of each star sign in mind.

StarSign Scents, a new Australian made fragrance range, has crafted 12 perfumes to correlate with each astrological sign. Using astrology as a blueprint, the specifically crafted fragrances take into account the different characteristics and personality traits of the star signs.

The line is intended to balance one’s strengths and weaknesses based on their sign through the different essential oils each perfume has in its blend. The perfumes are mood enhancing and health benefiting, according to the company. By spraying the fragrance daily, the user absorbs the natural medicinal benefits of the essential oils, which my calm one down or balance out one’s emotions.

According to StarSign Scents founder Sasha deBretton, bergamot, lavender and frankincense essential oils boost one’s physical and mental health and wellbeing, and each perfume has at least one of these oils in its blend.

“For example for our Cancerians, who are tenacious, intuitive, compassionate and sympathetic, you can also be known sometimes to be insecure or pessimistic so your blend of essential oil fragrance has been specifically designed with the oils of juniper berry, which aids you in self-acceptance, and clary sage which assists you in changing your perceptions on situations and removing your limiting beliefs to help you become more optimistic towards life,” said deBretton.

“If you are wanting to spice up your love life, you will discover that the fragrances that contain the cardamom essential oil, aids healing sexual issues and nurturing a healthy sex life.”

Aries: Courageous, optimistic and confident people with tendancies to be impatient and impulsive. This fragrance is blended to reflect the fire sign elements and includes essential oils to support courage, confidence, optimism, patience and harmony.

Taurus: Calm, patient, reliable, loyal, affectionate, sensuous, ambitious and determined people with tendencies to be stubborn, inflexible, jealous and controlling. This blend reflects the earth sign elements and uses essential oils that support patience, devotion, responsibility and releasing control.

Gemini: Gentle, affectionate, quick to adapt to any enviornment, logical, impulsive, social and curious people with tendencies to be indecisive, nervous and to quickly change emotions from one extreme to another. Blended to reflect the air sign elements, this perfume uses oils to support affection, adaptability, relaxation and decisiveness.

Cancer: Tenacious, highly imaginative, sympathetic, intuitive, loyal and compassionate people with tendencies to be pessimistic and insecure. This perfume represents the water sign elements and hosts essential oils that support umagination, sympathy, optimism and confidence.

Pisces: Warm, sensitive, caring, compassionate, intuitive and wise people with tendencies to be fearful and overly trusting. This blend reflects water sign elements and has a combination of essential oils to support compassion, intuition, wisdom, happiness and courage.

Leo: Ambitious, courageous, strong willed, positive, independent, self-confident, passionate, generous and humorous people with tendencies to be stubborn and determined. This scent reflects the fire sign elements and has essential oils that support passion, generositym emotional flexibility and energy.

Virgo: Modest, humble, loyal, down to earth, analytical and hardworking people with tendencies to be over critical and worry. This blend resembles the earth sign elements and hosts essential oils that support loyalty, confidence, relaxation, an open heart and peace of mind.

Libra: Intellectual, quickly changeable, enjoy having space, co-operative, diplomatic and gracious people with tendencies to avoid confrontation and to carry a grudge. This fragrance is a blend that represents the air sign elements and has essential oils that support co-operation, diplomacy, courage and letting go of emotion.

Scorpio: Emotional, imaginative, intense, intuitive and brave people with tendencies to be jealous and secretive. This fragrance is a blend of water sign elements and essential oils that support bravery, passion, trust and an open heart.

Sagittarius: Generous, idealistic people with a great sense of humour and tendencies to be impatient and inflexible. This perfume represents fire sign elements and has essential oils that support generosity, patience, diplomacy and a warm heart.

Capricorn: Responsible, disciplined, controlled, realistic people who know how to create a foundation to build a happy and stable life. People of this sign have tendencies to be unforgiving and to worry. This scent is representative of the earth sign elements and has a blend of essential oils that support responsibility, discipline, forgiveness and peace of mind.

Aquarius: Progressive, free spirited, humanitarian, temperamental, rebellious and unique people with original ideas and out of the box thinking. This sign signifies intelligence, spontaneity and independence. This perfume is reflextive of air sign elements and has essential oils that support independence, generosity, grounding and an open heart.