[Update] Givaudan Launches Delight Collection

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Smelling a dessert

Givaudan Fine Fragrance has announced the launch of its new collection, Delight.

Created in collaboration with flavorists, the line recreates taste experiences—such as fruitiness, sweetness, savory and juiciness—into scents easy for customers to relate to, such as strawberry, maple syrup or bacon.

To verify impact, the company turned to “non-verbal research,” utilizing 250 physical indicators such as blushing, salivation and surprise to gauge customer responses and guide the development process.

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“As a flavorist, I work in a realistic, true to life way, while a perfumer works in the world of abstract and interpretation,” said senior flavorist Arnaud Bousquet. “In our collaboration on project Delight, we wanted to mix these two strengths and add a realistic touch to our fragrance palette.”

Felix Mayr-Harting, global head of fine fragrance added, “Project Delight is all about exploring the concept of pleasure in fragrances. Perfumers and flavorists have combined their unique skills together, and thereby we have been able to create new fragrances with more impact and more pleasure.”

The Delight collection was showcased at the 2018 World Perfumery Congress, where the company shared its coffee, sweet pea, whipped cream and other scents.