From Fresh to Floral With A. N. Other Launch

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Perfume brand A. N. Other has unveiled its line of four limited edition fragrance, which focuses on affordable luxury perfume.

Scent and Emotions

Conceived by Gilad Amozeg and Ariella Appelbaum, the line of fragrances includes gender-neutral fragrances for men and women, with woody, oriental, floral and fresh scents. The perfumes themselves were created from a team of four renowned perfumers, which include David Apel, creator of Bond no. 9 Wall Street and Tom Ford Black Orchid; Nathalie Benareau, creator of Phlur Hanami and Olmsted & Vaux; Carlos Viñals, creator of Christian Dior Higher Energy and Patricia Bilodeau, creator of Jo Malone Red Roses.

“‌Fragrance is an emotional product and our goal is to connect with our customers on the deepest emotional level, touching upon values, lifestyle and events that are close to them,” said Gilad Amozeg, co-founder of  A. N. Other. “Scent can unlock memories and transport us back in time. We like to think of our portfolio of fragrances as placeholders that capture youth, optimism, vibrancy and energy.”

Sweet to Musky Fragrances  

The line of four fragrance is currently available from the A.N. Other website and include:

  • Oriental 2018. Created by American perfumer David Apel, the fragrance is a mix of driftwood, a cannabis accord and citrus, coffee and chocolate notes.
  • Woody 2018. This fragrance created by French-born perfumer Patricia Biulodeau includes notes of sandalwood and pear.
  • Fresh 2018. Created by Cuban-American perfumer Carlos Viñals and inspired by classic gin cocktials, this fragrance includes notes of juniper, ginger and metallic musks.
  • Floral 2018. Created by French-born Nathalie Benareau, the fragrance includes a base of dark leather and jasmine scents, with notes of cotton candy and herbal mate.  

“A. N. Other reflects the brand essence of the newly formed collection – a placeholder or pseudonym used by an identity, person or contributor wishing to remain anonymous – as a name that is yet to be decided. The brand identity allows for the portfolio to evolve each year, introducing a series of newly formed scents created by a new group of revered perfumers, each with a different story to tell,” said Amozeg.