Francesco van Eerd Debuts Fragrance Based on Literary Work

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Francesco van Eerd of Fragrifert Parfumeur. Photo: Fragrifert Parfumeur's Facebook.


Francesco van Eerd of Fragrifert Parfumeur has created a fragrance based on author, Katherine Mansfield, per 1 News.

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Van Erd took inspiration from Mansfield’s 1918 short story, Bliss, to create a literary scent using an old library cabinet containing 750 different ingredients.

Van Eerd says the story references fruit “coming through all the time, bowls of fruit on the table that I brought in and the pear tree, there's a big pear tree in the garden."

The perfume captures the fruit described in the story, as well as its central symbol of a blossoming pear tree, and Mansfield’s own favorite scent geneˆt fleuri (flowering broom), accroding to the Dominion Post. 

The final product was the Bliss perfume which was handmade using 100-year-old techniques and completed six months later.