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Navigating the Fragrance Revolution with Jean-Paul Agon of L’Oréal

As chief executive officer and chairman of L’Oréal, Jean-Paul Agon shared his insights on pursuing growth in an evolving, segmented fragrance industry during the Fragrance Foundation's Masterclass at the French Institute Alliance Française in New York City on October 5, 2017.

The Nagoya Protocol in Action

The Nagoya Protocol is led by three main objectives: the conservation of diversity, the sustainable use of materials, and the fair and equitable sharing of benefits arising from use of these genetic resources. This overview provides greater detail.

Raw Material of the Week: Filbertone

Get nutty for hazelnuts! Symrise has introduced a new ingredient, which is applicable to many different fragrances and flavors. Naturally occurring in hazelnuts, filbertone is most applicable to brown flavors and exotic fruit flavors, while also lending itself to various fragrances.

The Juice: Tim Gage

How this nature-loving shy East London lad came to be one of the most respected, well-loved and successful figures in British perfumery is a story deeply connected to time and place.

Scent and the Spirit - Sufism’s Fragrance of Love

One of the world’s most sublime mystical traditions, Sufism views scent as the spirit’s essence.

Harnessing the Potential of F&F Delivery Systems

As well as improving levels of deposition, the industry is working to gain more control over the stability of the capsules themselves in fragrance, flavor and cosmetic actives.

Endpoint: Relentless Hope

Developing new ways to improve the delivery and duration of flavors and fragrances is a constant struggle for F&F developers. This review takes a look at some of the ways it's done.

SC Johnson Addresses Ingredient Transparency at RIFM

The Research Institute for Fragrance Materials' (RIFM) annual meeting provided an update on tools for safety assessment and shed some light on ingredient transparency with a talk by SC Johnson.

Symrise Addresses Irma, Sustainability and More at RIFM

Over a week after Hurricane Irma wrecked havoc over the Carribean and Southern parts of the United States, RIFM's annual meeting addressed the impact of natural disasters, sustainability and transparency in the fragrance industry.

Fragrance Designs by Marc Rosen Honored at Glamour Icons Exhibit

“As with fashion design, the creation of cosmetic packing is an art form. Marc Rosen broke this barrier that for too long has separated the worlds of art and design."

Ingredients and Regulations in the Air at EFEO Annual General Meeting

The European Federation of Essential Oils met in Paris to discuss popular ingredients such as bergamot and sandalwood, regulatory issues and ensuring quality during its annual General Assembly meeting on June 12, 2017.

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