Mondelez International Wraps up a Sweet Sustainability Report


The sustainability report for Mondelez International has logged some sweet results with the help of the company’s Call for Well-Being sustainability program. The company has recorded the progress since 2010 and has since exceeded its goals.

The 2014 report indicated that Mondelez International achieved four areas successfully, was on target for three areas and still had to work on two others. When the most recent report came in, the company progressed in seven areas, was on target for its eighth and was unable to accomplish its ninth goal.

“In 2014, we were a year ahead of schedule in accomplishing our 2015 goals for packaging, greenhouse gas emissions and net waste,” the company noted in its “The Call for Well-Being” 2015 progress report issued June 22. “We also made considerable progress against our other sustainable agriculture and environmental footprint goals—including meeting and exceeding our waste to landfill and water goals.

One of the goals that the company reached by the end of 2015 was through its partnership with Harmony, a sustainable wheat organization. The partnership added 68 farmers in France totaling 2,269 farmers, 13 millers and 37 cooperatives. By 2015, there was a 25% reduction in pesticide use and 14.3 million bees and 16 species of butterflies were observed in the Harmony fields.

Other goals that the company reached by the end of 2015 included achieving 60% production from Zero Waste to Landfill sites (reached 68%) and reducing water in manufacturing by 15% (reached 17%).

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