Wixon Offers Street BBQ Flavors

Wixon (St. Francis, Wisconsin) is demonstrating its translations of some of the latest trends into food at the Southwest Foodservice Expo in Dallas June 26–28, including samples of its Global Street Food BBQ, in the form of reduced sodium and reduced sugar snack seasonings and sauces. Wixon has taken global street food BBQ tastes from Argentina, South Africa, Korea, and more, and added them to new applications, such as snacks, as well as classic applications, such as sauces.

Mathew Freistadt, Wixon’s corporate chef, provides globally inspired menu offerings, including:

  • Argentinean Asado Sweet Potato Chips—Inspired by the BBQs from Argentina, these chips feature a rich, smoky blend of paprika and red wine with cumin, onion, garlic, and sea salt, plus a touch of sugar.
  • South African Braai Corn Puffs—A South African grilling tradition and term for barbeque these bites are bold and distinctive. A burst of hot red pepper follows fruit and citrus flavors.
  • And Korean Kalbi Rib Tips—The classic Korean BBQ of ribs or chicken is enrobed in a light, tangy marinade. These pork spare ribs are seasoned and smoked with pepper, spices and other natural flavors, and the Kalbi sauce combines Wixon’s Mag-nifique Umami technology to enhance savory flavors, along with toasted sesame, chili pepper, green onion and ginger. The result is a complex sweet, dark blend of flavors.

The menu items are part of a larger product assortment of a Street Food Flavors line by Wixon, including a Greek BBQ Rub, Russian Shashlik Potato Balls, Cuban Sour Orange Mojo Sauce, and more.

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