Sensient Adds Eight Bespoke Functional Flavors to APSS Range

Sensient Flavors has added eight bespoke functional flavors to its APSS (All Purpose Sweet Solutions) range, which extends the company's existing portfolio of flavors used to improve the sweetness profile of calorie-reduced products.

The company said its new Black Grape, Cola, Red, Summer Fruits, Orange, Tropical, Lemon Lime and Green flavorings compensate for sensory drawbacks in products with reduced sugar content as well as those which are completely free from sugar. In reduced sugar formulations, the flavorings compensate for loss of body, mouth feel and sweetness. When used alongside alternative sweetening solutions, such as high intensity sweeteners or stevia (rebaudioside A), Sensient said the flavorings also mask undesirable aftertastes.

All APSS flavors can be declared as “natural flavoring” and add no carbohydrate calories to the end product. With its latest variations, the company has adapted its APSS technology for specific flavoring types which are particularly popular in beverages, but are also used in other applications, such as bakery, confectionery and dairy products. The bespoke flavorings also enable food and drink manufacturers to shorten development time when modifying sweetening systems or reducing the sugar content of products.

“Rising consumer awareness of the importance of a healthy diet, along with the high price of sugar means that manufacturers are looking for alternatives," said Dirk Fichtner, managing director of Flavors Europe & Fragrances at Sensient. "When a recipe is reformulated, it’s crucial that the end product’s taste and appearance don’t suffer. Our novel APSS functional flavorings enable food and drinks manufacturers to bring products to market quickly with solutions that meet consumer expectations,” he said. 

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