Comax Flavors Reveals 2013 Flavor Trends

Comax Flavors has revealed its flavor predictions for 2013, comprise of flavors chosen fit into specific categories: Herb Appeal, Duets and A Smooth Finish.

Herb Appeal uses herbs in concert with fruits to give a sweet, punchy flavor lift. This category is composed of the harmony of sweet and spicy. These flavors include:

Peach Basil Black Tea

Peppered Apple Bacon

Chili Ginger Lime

Cardamom Pear Berry

Duets balances two delicious tastes into one memorable flavor experience. These are fusions of flavors from different lands and generations, yet they combine warmth and sweetness.This group includes:

Butterscotch Coffee Crunch

Maple Bitters

Dolce de Leche Buttered Rum

Flan de Nuez

Smooth Finish consists of flavors that add a sweet 'pop' and satisfying mouth feel to just about everything; smoothing spirits, cream desserts and the wildest beverages, this taste grouping includes:

Pistachio Almond Cream

Pink Cherry Marshmallow

Black Russian Cappuccino

Dark Chocolate Bourbon Truffle

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