Flavor Bites: Flavor Creation in the UK

Sadly, the United Kingdom has, for many years, a truly dismal culinary reputation. So bad, in fact, that it was the source of a significant vein of self-deprecating humor, though some of that reputation was richly deserved. It was derived from the twin influences of the unusually early onset of the Industrial Revolution and, later, the Victorian-era fad for simplicity and blandness in everything.

However, the United Kingdom is not especially resistant to change, and its culinary reputation is really no longer as valid as it once was. Home cooking is now uniquely popular, creative and diverse, and culinary influences range from the rich history of British culture to many different cuisines experienced from immigrants and foreign vacations. Chicken korma is now the most popular dish in the United Kingdom, thanks to a wide swath of Indian restaurants, and many UK citizens have experienced a variety of different cuisines thanks to travel.

The Main UK Flavor Preferences

In my experience, the most popular flavors in the UK market are, in descending order: lemon, strawberry, vanilla, orange, cream, mint, chocolate, raspberry, apple, butter, grapefruit, chicken, onion, cheese, blackcurrant, ginger, tomato, banana, cherry and peach.

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