Taste and Flavor Innovations for Healthier Products


"It's pretty obvious that there's a large movement in the food industry relating to the health of [consumers'] diets—especially in the United States—which are loaded with sugar and salt," says David Linemeyer, vice president, biology, at San Diego-based Senomyx. "We know that there are medical problems that are clearly associated with consuming high concentrations of sugar and sodium," he adds, citing obesity, diabetes and hypertension. As a result, he says, "The food industry is more and more focused on decreasing the amoung of sugar and sodium in its products. That plays into our technologies precisely in terms of being able to decrease the amounts of sugar and sodium in food without affecting the taste and flavor that the consumer desires in those products. We're not a traditional flavor company that's trying to develop a new cherry or watermelon flavor. We're looking to change the nutritional profile of products by reducing the amount of sugar and salt."

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