The Fragrant Lemon Increases Retail Price in China

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The retail price has increased almost 10 yuan from 2020.

The wholesale and retail prices of lemons in Jiangmen, Guangdong has increased to 15-16 yuan per .5 kg, per Fresh Plaza.

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This increase is close to a 10 yuan increase from 2020 when prices were 7 yuan for .5 kg.

The fragrant lemon has a clear and sweet fragrance of the fruit peel and can easily be sliced and soaked to produce lemon water. It can be used in the fruit-flavored tea market which produces a demand for lemons.

The increase in fragrant lemons comes from the decline in lemon production volume due to the drought in Guangdong last year.

Consumer demand exceeds market supply and even though the price is high, most local demand in Guangdong comes from restaurants. 

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