Symrise Launches Beef Flavor Collection

Symrise (Holzminden, Germany) debuted its new Beef Flavor Collection as a way to introduce authentic meat flavorings for gourmet tastes in consumer homes. The collection offers three clusters—Culinary Authentic, South America and Remarkable—to account for regional preferences.

Mike Ostrowski, competence manager meat in EAME, says of the product portfolio, “The Beef Flavor Collection allows us to round out our selection of meat flavorings. The three product clusters cover all of the major fields of applications in foods. No matter whether you want to make soups, sauces or ready-to-eat dishes, we provide authentic tastes with low sodium and no flavor enhancers.”

The meat flavorings also aim to meet the consumer preference for appetizing and high-quality foods while also taking regional preferences into account along with prevailing trends towards natural and healthy foods.

Christoph Dahlem, senior vice president business unit savory at Symrise, says, “Authentic meat flavorings rank among Symrise's core competences and are a match with the overall concept of the savory department. They demonstrate our culinary competence, creativity and authenticity. We want to keep growing in this field.”

To stay on top of what people want, Symrise conducts research on trends and consumer preferences to create ideal product solutions that are also cost-effective. To develop these flavorings, Symrise assembled a team of chefs, flavorists, researchers and marketing experts. It also surveyed consumers about their preferences in meat dishes. This collaborative approach resulted in foods with a special authentic culinary note, and it also helps guarantee optimal industrial processing and flavor stability.

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