Flavor Formulation: The Challenges Facing Savory Flavor Formulation


Savory flavorings is a growth market that is predicted to increase significantly over the next five years in line with the rapid growth of the consumption of meat products. The Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) reported that global consumption of meat is estimated to grow from 250 million tonnes per annum to 300 million tonnes by 2020, and to more than 450 million tonnes by 2050.1,2 The graph in F-1 shows that most of this growth is in developing countries, with meat consumption in developed countries leveling off. The supply of ingredients to support this market will grow in tandem with meat consumption and will have a major impact on savory flavors.

Training Savory Flavorists

The training of a savory flavorist takes many years and is never truly complete. To be successful the flavorist must rely on experience, judgment, flair and intuition, plus an extra spark of creativity. Few training courses are available that provide some of the basic training elements such as process reaction flavors, top note blending and applications.

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