FEMA Introduces Speakers to Discuss Sustainability


Sustainability is the buzz word of the industry. FEMA will introduce the question of whether sustainability is sustainable this October 25-27 in New Brunswick, New Jersey at the 47th annual FEMA fall symposium. Nancy Quan, Margie Flynn, Steve French and Dr. Veronica Somoza will be discussing their opinions on exploring the need, strategy and execution of sustainability programs throughout the flavor industry. 

Quan is the chief technical officer of Coca Cola North America. She ensures that the quality, safety and environment of the company’s products are effective. She also protects and progresses with scientific and regulatory affairs solutions. The Symposium dinner will be where Quan speaks on her ideas on sustainability.

Flynn is the principal and co-founder of BrownFlynn. She is in charge of overseeing the company’s sales and business development initiatives. Her speech will be on how the bottom-line impact is instrumental in shaping corporate responsibility and sustainability strategies for regional, national and global corporations.

French is a managing partner and co-owner of the National Marketing Institute and works with multiple global Fortune 500 corporations, government agencies and organizations. He identifies, validates and monitors marketplace opportunities, working to monitor sustainability internationally. His speech will be at the general session along with Flynn.

Finally, Dr. Somoza is the professor, chair and vice dean of the University of Vienna. She leads the department of nutritional and psychological chemistry and has started research at the Technical University of Munich/ German Research Center for Food Chemistry. She was presented with the The Excellence in Flavor Science Award for her research in the health effects on flavor compounds.

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