Firmenich Developing New Encapsulation Technology

Firmenich,  Inc. has a patent pending on a new encapsulation technology using erythritol crystals. When sprayed with anhydrous erythritol, flavor molecules had no drying time and low-melt viscosity. One of the goals of scientists at Firmenich—which already produces delivery systems such as Durarome, Thermarome and Flexarome—is to create a system that can retain volatile compounds that can add a fresher, more authentic flavor to products such as powdered beverages and confections. Erythritol crystals would be able to do that.

The technology is not available yet for commercial uses, but Matthew Sillick and Christopher Gregson authored a report in the journal LWT - Food Science and Technology saying that it is a very efficient technique with up to 90% inclusion.

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