New Study Looks at Savory Aroma, Saltiness Interaction

A new article published online for the Journal of Food Science looks at how savory aroma compounds can enhance saltiness in flavor applications. Written by Max Batenburg and Rob van der Velden, "Saltiness Enhancement by Savory Aroma Compounds" was published online on May 17, 2011, and it details "the impact of elevated levels of complex savory flavorings and single aroma compounds on perceived saltiness" and how this can be used to compensate for lower levels of salt in healthier foods without significantly affecting flavor via a multisensory interaction of taste and aroma. The extra aroma was also found to increase the tolerance of the off-flavor of potassium-based salt replacers, and this study displayed the possibility of using savory aromas to compensate for salt reduction in food products such as instant bouillons.

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