EFFA Positive List Status Table

The European Flavour and Fragrance Association (EFFA) has released its most recent Status Table, which contains the FL numbers appearing in the Register but not taken up in the EFFA submissions. These materials are marked with a light yellow fill color in the FLN column and with a reference "only in Register" in the G column. These materials will not make it to the Positive List unless you have notified a dossier to the Commission. If you have notified such a material, you are asked to inform the EFFA secretariat. 

Also inserted in blue fill color are the materials that the Commission has reviewed with EFFA through their Screening Tables and that are supposed to go to the Positive List. These materials have to go first to the Standing Committee for adoption. For the Positive List template, according to the Commission's recent information, only the columns FLN, chemical name and CASN (marked in blue) will appear in the Positive List. (Source: FEMA)

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