General Mills Files Patent for Dough with Reduced Sodium Content

General Mills has filed an international patent for dough formulations with reduced sodium and more health-oriented fats.

The patent entitled "Fat Particle Compositions Containing Salt, Dough and Baked Dough Articles Made Therefrom and Related Methods" stated that the patent "relates to fat particles that contain flavorant salt, compositions of multiple or very large numbers of such fat particles, food products such as raw and baked dough products prepared using the fat particles and fat particle compositions and related methods of making the fat particles, fat particle compositions and food products."

Further, the filing noted: "These fat particle can be used to prepare dough formulations that meet the desire of being more healthful than previous dough formulations due to a reduced sodium content, optional more healthful fat content (e.g., low trans fats or low saturated fats), or both. Additionally, the fat particles can be conveniently used in commercial or consumer scale dough processing." 








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