Flavor Applications in Wine

By the authority of section 5386 of the Fedeml Laws–Internal Revenue Code and Part 27 of the Code of Federal Regulations section 240.440, it is possible to produce and market wines which have unique chmacteristics and which are subjected to the standwd wine tax rates as special natural wines.

Since the Regulation require any flavors used to be natural and impart to the base wine characteristics distinguishable from wines not so treated, it is necessary for the flavor producer to keep those guidelines in mind when development is commenced.

Preferably, a sample of the wine should be obtained from the winery desiring the flavor. Avoid, however, submitting to the winery a formulation which requires major adjustments in its base unless advance consent is obtained. This precludes the trauma of an initial acceptance and subsequent rejection because the wine formula does not fall within the Regulations.

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