Society of Flavor Chemists Announce the 2017 Scholarship Winners


The Society of Flavor Chemists  has announced its Jogue Scholarship Award ($3,000), and the William F. Jaggard Memorial Scholarship Award ($2,000) winners. Each of these awards are given to a full-time graduate student enrolled in a program specifically related to the flavor industry.

Recipients of the Jogue Scholarship are currently enrolled or accepted into a graduate degree program specifically related to the flavor industry, including but not limited to chemistry, biology, food science, nutrition, microbiology, engineering, business, or marketing. 

The Jaggard Scholarship is for students currently enrolled full-time in a graduate degree program specifically related to the flavor industry.  The ideal candidate will have a prove with a passion for analytical chemistry as it relates to the flavor or food industry.

Scholarship Winners

Geoff Dubrow is the 2017 Jogue Scholarship recipient. Dubrow is working on his PhD in food science under Dr. Devin Peterson of the Ohio State University. Dubrow’s research focuses on the application of untargeted ‘omics technologies towards understanding flavor and consumer acceptance in fruit spreads.

The 2017 William F. Jaggard scholar is Chelsea Ickes, also in food science, who is working under Dr. Keith Cadwallader at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

Chelsea’s research is “Understanding the complex aroma chemistry of premium aged rums.”

More information on the students and their research can be found on the SFC website.

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