Agrumaria Reggina, Mane & Treatt Unveil Flavor Portfolio Additions

These portfolio highlights include plant-based ranges and citrus extracts.
These portfolio highlights include plant-based ranges and citrus extracts.

Here are some of the latest flavor portfolio launches in the industry provided by Agrumaria Reggina, Mane and Treatt.

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Agrumaria Reggina Partners with Policom to Debut Nutrition Venture Plant-based Portfolio

Agrumaria Reggina has partnered with Policom, an innovator in plant-based product development, for the launch of Nutrition Venture. The collaboration is designed to introduce a "groundbreaking range of plant-based products from nuts" to meet the growing demand for sustainable and nutritious food and beverage options. 

Nutrition Venture is said to focus on a range of products, including:

  • Plant-Based Pastes
  • All-in-One Compounds
  • Ingredients

Through this initiative, Agrumaria Reggina will distribute Policom's B2B portfolio, geared toward producers with ingredients and solutions that facilitate the creation of effective plant-based applications. 

Mane Debuts Full Range of Cheese Flavors Addressing Plant-based Alternative Demands

Mane announced its mission to meet consumers’ sensory expectations and versatile use of plant-based cheese alternatives with the development of additional flavor profiles based on popular types of cheese.

The comprehensive range created by Mane's R&D team is said to include mozzarella, emmental, cheddar, gouda, blue cheese, goat cheese, raclette cheese, Italian cheese and Greek cheese, as well as cream cheese and melted cheese profiles.

A recent release by the company reads, "To ensure we provide the best flavor profiles to our customers, all our flavors have been tested in different cheese-style applications such as cream cheese, block cheese, Feta style cheese and melted, hot style cheese."

Treatt Debuts Signature TreattZest Range of Citrus Extracts

Treatt has launched its latest range of TreattZest extracts under the Signature citrus brand.

TreattZest Range

  • TreattZest Orange: A highly soluble, impactful authentic extract with a well-rounded orange aroma, with an aldehydic peely body, and juicy, floral top notes
  • TreattZest Expressed Lime: A distinctive and authentic expressed lime profile, with a zesty, juicy, and robust aroma
  • TreattZest Distilled Lime: A well-balanced lime with a truly premium sensory profile, with a powerful and juicy aroma

Paul Stott, senior citrus category manager, said, “Citrus, in all its forms, has always been an integral part of who we are. Over a century of combined sourcing, innovation, and extraction experience culminate in our new distinctive range of Signature extracts.”

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