Report: Market Potential for Stevia "Attractive" in the United States

“Stevia and the US Market,” the new report from Rabobank (, indicates that the growing demand for products with greater perceived health benefits could help Rebaudioside A (Reb A) grow in the US food and beverage market. “Consumer concerns regarding obesity and the growing demand for all-natural products bode well for Reb A to quickly gain market share,” says Rabobank Food & Agribusiness Research and Advisory executive director, Stephen Rannekleiv, who expects the “annual US sales of Reb A to reach approximately $700 million within 5 years.” Rannekleiv also adds that although formulation challenges with stevia still remain to be overcome, “most beverage companies appear to be developing formulas that combine Reb A with sugar, which helps to mask any residual aftertaste and allows for a low-calorie, all-natural option.” Also, while pricing is another area of concern with the sweetener, “in the longer term, increased demand for Reb A would be an overall positive for the industry, as it would allow for increased scale and greater efficiencies in extraction and refining,” says Rannekleiv.

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