Pyrazine Specialties and CTC Organics Under New Leadership


Michael Peterson has been hired as the CEO for Pyrazine Specialties and CTC Organics, which has been recently acquired. Peterson hopes to continue to uphold the 44 years of expertise in pyrazines and as a supplier of ingredients for flavors, fragrances, pharmaceutical, agricultural and other industries.

Peterson has more than 30 years of entrepreneurial experience in marketing. He plans to use his knowledge in digital communication to strengthen the company's communication channels, including web and online presence, as well as improving data-driven communication with customers.

Peterson said, “This transaction represents an attractive opportunity for Pyrazine Specialties and CTC Organics to provide our customers with high-quality products, backed by regulatory compliance and superior customer service. We are excited to invest in and expand our product portfolio utilizing our expertise in pyrazines and other innovative new products, including naturals and organics. Our goal is to provide other customers with continuously increasing value, aimed at helping them bring their products to market faster.”

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