Pyrazines for Fragrances


Although pyrazines are applied mainly to flavors, some select materials make an excellent fit for fragrances. Just a minute dosage of such a pyrazine can give a very strong personality to a fragrance, influencing it and resulting in a completely different character for the composition. At a low cost, a very special creation and effect can be achieved. Some would find the small traces that create these changes very difficult to detect, even by GC/MS.

The concepts of odors for these pyrazines are: fresh, green, woody, ambery, oriental, musky, minty and herbaceous. These odor characteristics and the chemical stability in high pH conditions make these excellent pyrazines highly suitable for fine perfumes, air-fresheners, soaps and detergents. Pyrazines have a high jvaluea, meaning high odor impact relative to their molecular weight.

T-1 contains a list of several pyrazines that can be used for fragrances.

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