Allylix Announces Large-scale Valencene Production

Allylix, Inc. announced it has begun large-scale production of commercial quantities of valencene for the flavor and fragrance industry. “Our capacity to produce valencene at this level means we can supply customers as much material as they need, on an ongoing basis, with consistent high quality,” said Carolyn Fritz, Allylix’s CEO. “A stable supply of valencene and other valuable terpenes from natural sources has been a challenge for the flavor and fragrance industry. Our ability to scale production solves this problem.”

Perfumer & Flavorist magazine previously reported on the company’s increase in the production of biotech terpenes for the F&F industry, and now the company extends those capacities to valencene, an orange flavor and fragrance material often used in beverage, confectionery and OTC health care flavors. Traditional methods of producing valencene entail extracting it from the peel of valencene oranges, meaning the cost and supply fluctuate depending on the yearly harvest. Long term, Allylix’s fermentation process offers a stable supply of valencene at a fifth or less of the cost of these traditional methods.

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