Danisco Aims to Reduce Salt

Danisco has introduced SALboosT, a flavor ingredient designed to reduce the salt in processed foods. The company claims that SALboosT can reduce sodium by 25–35% while retaining the original taste. By activating the salt receptors on the tongue, the new product may be able to maintain or improve the salt taste in a variety of foods. Containing just 4% salt, Danicso believes SALboosT has a significant flavor impact at a low dosage, and can perform particularly well in cooking sauces, pie fillings, soups, savory biscuits, puff pastry, bread and salted fat spreads.

Today, some 75% of salt consumed in the industrialized world comes from processed food. While health organizations recommend a maximum salt intake of 6 g, the average adult typically consumes more than 9.5 g per day, increasing the risk of hypertensions, osteoporosis, asthma and kidney disease.

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