Organoleptic Characteristics of Flavor Materials

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Fir needle oil

Source: Citrus and Allied Essences Ltd.

FEMA# 2905, CAS# 8021-29-2, Abies sibirica, natural.

Odor: @ 1%. Cooling, piney, green and slightly woody.

Taste: @ 2 ppm. Slightly cooling, piney, woody, green and slightly tart.

Taste: @ 5 ppm. Cooling, piney, oily, woody, earthy and tart.

Possible applications: This essential oil will impart lovely depth to citrus flavors, especially lemon, lime and bergamot and also to gin, retsina and tequila. Other flavors that will benefit are mango and black pepper flavors.

Citrus and Allied Essences:

Menthone, natural

Source: Vigon

FEMA# 2667, CAS# 10458-14-7; 89-80-5

Natural occurrence: Buchu, peppermint, cornmint and spearmint.

Odor: @ 1%. Sweet, sharp, minty, menthol-like and fresh.

Taste: @ 1 ppm. Cooling, sweet, minty and astringent.

Taste: @ 2 ppm. Cooling, peppermint-like, astringent and sweet.

Possible applications: Oral care flavors like peppermint, spearmint, cinnamon and wintergreen are all very good applications for this material. Its cooling, trigeminal character will also add interest to flavors for cocktails and mocktails.


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